Barkan Lab


Alice Barkan

Alice Barkan - Professor of Biology and Member, Institute of Molecular Biology

Kenneth Watkins

Kenneth Watkins - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biochemistry of protein facilitated splicing.

Non Chotewutmontri

Non Chotewutmontri - Postdoctoral fellow, Translational dynamics of leaf and chloroplast development

Susan Belcher

Susan Belcher - Research Associate, Maize Genetics, Outreach Coordinator.

Margarita Rojas

Margarita Rojas - Research Associate, RNA/protein interactions underlying protein facilitated group II intron splicing.

Nicholas Stiffler

Nicholas Stiffler - Research Associate, Bioinformatics.

Rosaling Williams-Carrier

Rosalind Williams-Carrier - Research Associate, Molecular biology, biochemistry of PPR proteins, RIP-chip.

Evan Thomsen

Evan Thomsen - Research Assistant, Analysis of mutants in the PML collection.

Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott - Graduate student, Biochemical analyses of PPR-RNA interactions.

Rafael Miranda

Rafael Miranda - Graduate Student, PPR protein functions and mechanisms.

Hiranmayi Duvvuri

Hiranmayi Duvvuri - Undergraduate, Phenotypic analysis of PML mutants.

Misty Herlehy

Misty Herlehy - Undergraduate, Maize genetics.

Tyler Lantz

Tyler Lantz - Undergraduate. Targeting of chloroplast-encoded proteins to the thylakoid membrane.